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candidate services

Relocation professionals are under intense pressure to reduce relocation costs, meet the needs of transferring employees and maintain competitive programs that will help attract top talent. If a Candidate feels secure in the prospect of a relocation, both financially and emotionally, then the chances of a successful hire increase.

Candidate Services begin in the interview stage – sometimes prior – and include: 

  • Needs assessment prior to arrival. 
  • Area counseling, including discussion of current housing/rental markets, financing, schools, etc. 
  • Area tour of communities by a certified relocation professional. 
  • Address family impact issues to determine any possible roadblocks to the move.

Continuous feedback to the client is always provided, as well as Relocation Cost Estimations and Cost of Living Analysis on request. If the candidate is hired, PRC will continue to service the new employee throughout his or her relocation, ensuring consistent service and dedication throughout the entire relocation process with the SAME SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT.