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Management of employee expenses is a critical piece of the relocation process.  That’s why PRC has extensive Expense Tracking and Reporting capabilities through our MoveTrack™ Relocation Management System.

These capabilities include:

  • Total Expense Tracking (including On-Line Expense Reports)
  • Budget Accruals & Customized Reporting
  • On-Line “New Move” Initiations
  • Web Portals for both the Client and the Transferee
  • Year-End Tax Reporting

PRC monitors and processes all relocation-related expenses for our clients’ transferring employees, including review and approval of all expense reports, allowances and any vendor invoices, as well as tracking of all relocation-related expenses for year-end tax purposes.

Our clients and employees can view and manage their relocation expenses through our MoveTrack™ Expense Tracking System just by logging in to their account here.  If you do not have a MoveTrack™ Account, just contact PRC at 949-349-0137, and we will establish an account for you.